Apprenticeships: Should you become an employer-provider?


Lifetime logoWith the recent apprenticeship reform many employers will be considering what is best for their businesses when taking on apprentices. Should companies bring training in-house or outsource to experts?

There are many reasons why employers may choose employer-provider status, whereby the employer delivers apprenticeship training directly to their employees, rather than outsourcing to an external training provider.

Four main benefits to in-house training are:

  • Maintain control;
  • Potentially lower costs;
  • Train within a business’ culture and ethos;
  • More 16-18 incentive payments (employer-providers are entitled to receive both the employer and provider payments).

But to become an employer-provider, businesses must apply to the to be included on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

This includes due diligence checks on the organisation and its directors, financial checks and an assessment of the organisation’s capability to deliver high-quality training.

Providers are expected to reapply every year to maintain their registration. The register open four times a year for new applications. Upon registration, it is important that employer-providers are well versed in their responsibilities to learners.

From a delivery perspective for example, apprenticeships are required to last a minimum of 12 months and comprise at least 20% off-the-job training (learning that takes place outside of an apprentice’s normal day-to-day working environment and leads towards the achievement of their apprenticeship);

Employer-providers will be responsible for designing and delivering their own ‘off-the-job’ apprentice training, which the government has stipulated as at least 20% of an apprentice’s time as part of the reforms to ensure a quality learning experience…

To learn more about the opportunities of becoming an employer-provider and if this is an option perfect for your company download the full guide.

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