Mental health and stress

Bipolar disorder and work attendance

Bipolar disorder and work attendance: a case study

Occupational health professionals have a role in managing bipolar disorder and work attendance. Catherine Carr explains how psychological flags can...

risk of suicide

Latest figures show professions with highest risk of suicide

4 May 2017

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have for the first time revealed which professions have the highest risk...

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mental health at work

Leaders must change the culture on mental health at work

13 Apr 2017

Momentum is growing to make employers’ take responsibility to tackle the problem of mental health at work, not least from...

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chronic fatigue syndrome

Supporting employees with chronic fatigue syndrome

10 Apr 2017

Employees who appear focused and capable could be susceptible to chronic fatigue syndrome, a potentially debilitating condition whose warning signs...

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work and health

“Work and health will be high on the agenda in 2017″

5 Apr 2017

There has been a plethora of activity and related reports recently in the work and health world. Nick Pahl, CEO...

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Mental health in the workplace

Mental health in the workplace: IoD calls on Government to target SMEs

4 Apr 2017

The Government needs to do more to work with employers and business leaders to “start a conversation” on mental health...

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mental health and addiction

GPs gain support for mental ill-health and addiction

2 Mar 2017

A new service designed to offer support to GPs and GP trainees suffering from mental ill health and addiction has...

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Mental health in winter

Winter worsens the mental health of two in five workers

1 Mar 2017

More than two-fifths (44%) of employees say winter has a negative effect on their mental wellbeing, with 51% believing it...

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Employers should have a compassionate continuity plan to support staff after disasters like the avalanche in Abruzzo, Italy, in January. Alessandro Serano/REX/Shutterstock

Employers must have a plan to manage trauma in the workplace

1 Mar 2017

Deaths at work are decreasing, but employees more likely to be exposed to trauma in the workplace in other ways....

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Employees with high emotional intelligence have higher job satisfaction as they can reduce negative feelings, a study finds

Occupational health research round-up: March 2017

1 Mar 2017

This month’s look at recent occupational health research includes studies on emotional intelligence at work and the different effects of...

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Prime MInister Theresa May arrives at the Royal Society in January to deliver a speech on mental health. REX/Shutterstock

Theresa May promises more help for employees with mental illness

2 Feb 2017

Employers will be given additional help in supporting staff who need to take time off for mental illness, the Government...

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More than one in seven (15%) said  in a survey they would not disclose a long-term health condition such as arthritis or recurrent joint pain to their employer.

Research calls for better support for long-term conditions in the workplace

2 Feb 2017

A study by the charity Arthritis Research UK has called on the Government to better support people with long-term conditions...

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work and drug and alcohol addiction

Government report shows links between work and drug and alcohol addiction

3 Jan 2017

The Government’s long-awaited review into the links between work and addiction was published in December.
The review by Dame Carol...

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Are some complementary therapies used in work and wellbeing programmes  just  “plain daft”, despite their widespread use?

IES conference: the good, the bad and the plain daft in work and wellbeing

2 Jan 2017

The recent annual conference of the Institute for Employment Studies took place just after the health and disability Green Paper...

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Poor sleep and work

Wake up to the link between poor sleep and work performance

1 Dec 2016

Poor sleep and work performance are linked, according to a recent study, backed up by a body of previous findings....

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