OH service delivery

Occupational health future workforce crisis

Occupational health future workforce crisis: is the NHS the solution?

A recent paper published in the British Medical Journal argues that to solve the occupational health future workforce crisis, OH...

Occupational health service for all NHS staff

Doctors call for occupational health service for all NHS staff

4 Aug 2017

The British Medical Association’s (BMA) annual representative meeting in June warned of “stress, fatigue, burnout, substance abuse and low morale”...

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Global issues in occupational health

Conference sheds light on global issues in occupational health

2 Aug 2017

On 10 May, a joint event run by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the Royal Society of Medicine...

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Confidentiality and consent: OH acts as a filter between the employee and their medical details, and the employer

Good practice when making occupational health referrals

2 Aug 2017

What are the do’s and don’ts when making referrals? In the first of a series of articles on the interface...

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NMC revalidation

How to succeed in NMC revalidation for occupational health

4 Jul 2017

Occupational health nurses will be familiar by now with the process of NMC revalidation, but concerns remain about how to...

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NMC revalidation: reflective practice

NMC revalidation: Reflective practice for occupational health nurses

3 Jul 2017

Reflective practice is part of the NMC revalidation process and can be a critical way to improve occupational health practice....

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functional capacity evaluation

Functional capacity evaluation and assessing fitness for work: a guide

1 Jun 2017

Functional capacity evaluation can be a critical part of assessing fitness for work, but it is not always well understood....

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musculoskeletal screening in the workplace

Musculoskeletal screening in the workplace

1 Jun 2017

Screening employees for musculoskeletal problems can help detect issues and educate employees about how to reduce the impact. A case...

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Connect Health occupational health physiotherapy model

Evolution of an occupational health physiotherapy service

1 Jun 2017

Connect Health’s physiotherapy service model recognises that treatment is only one part of managing musculoskeletal risk.
Occupational health physiotherapy service...

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Society of Occupational Medicine logo

Making the occupational health business case: lessons from the US

31 May 2017

Scientific evidence and the occupational health business case were key topics at the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine...

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Society of Occupational Medicine business case for occupational health

Society of Occupational Medicine document makes the business case for occupational health

30 May 2017

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has published a guide for employers and commissioners outlining the business case for, and...

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Bipolar disorder and work attendance

Bipolar disorder and work attendance: a case study

9 May 2017

Occupational health professionals have a role in managing bipolar disorder and work attendance. Catherine Carr explains how psychological flags can...

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OH nurse training

Representatives meet with NMC to discuss disquiet over OH nurse training

3 May 2017

Occupational health professionals were set to meet officials from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) last month to open potentially...

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occupational health evidence base

The case for a stronger occupational health evidence base

2 May 2017

The Health and Safety Executive’s new strategy for the workplace promises to give health the same priority as safety, but...

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corporate wellbeing providers

Corporate wellbeing providers: 5 tips on how to pick a winner

4 Apr 2017

Corporate wellbeing providers promise a high return on investment on programmes, but don’t always deliver. Dr Bridget Juniper advises on...

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