Occupational health research: diabetes

Occupational health research round-up for August 2017

This month’s look at occupational health research studies includes reports on the rising cost to employers of lifestyle illnesses and...

Pilots and crew exposed to contaminated ai on aircraft have shown a pattern of acute and chronic symptoms, ranging from headaches and dizziness to breathing and vision problems.

Flight crews at risk from contaminated air in aircraft

4 Aug 2017

The health of pilots and aircrews could be being put at risk by prolonged exposure to contaminated air within aircraft,...

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Occupational health service for all NHS staff

Doctors call for occupational health service for all NHS staff

4 Aug 2017

The British Medical Association’s (BMA) annual representative meeting in June warned of “stress, fatigue, burnout, substance abuse and low morale”...

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Sedentary middle aged office workers' health

Sedentary middle-aged office workers’ health at risk

3 Aug 2017

Most middle-aged office staff now spend as much time sitting down as pensioners, research has suggested, and in the process...

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Night shifts

Night shifts can lead to cancer, study suggests

2 Aug 2017

Working night shifts is associated with a reduced ability to repair DNA lesions that can, over time, cause DNA damage...

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Global issues in occupational health

Conference sheds light on global issues in occupational health

2 Aug 2017

On 10 May, a joint event run by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the Royal Society of Medicine...

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Sit-stand desks can cut the time spent sitting at work, but the overall goal is more movement  throughout the day.

Why sit-stand desks alone won’t end the risks of sedentary working

28 Jul 2017

With more than 60 years of evidence on the health impact of sitting for long periods at work, sit-stand desks...

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Almost 80% of chefs surveyed said that they have had an accident or near miss at work that due to fatigue

Overworked chefs at risk of accidents: OH research round-up July 2017

6 Jul 2017

This month’s round-up of occupational health research includes a study on overworked chefs and evidence that older workers compensate for...

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Picture: Janine Wiedel/REX/Shutterstock

Government urged to prioritise mental health in the public sector

6 Jul 2017

The mental health charity Mind has urged the Government to make mental health in the public sector “a top priority”,...

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A study found that longer commutes appeared to have a significant impact on mental wellbeing

Long commutes to work take toll on employee health

6 Jul 2017

Long commutes are causing poor health and damaging the productivity of the nation’s employees, research from the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace...

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Flexible working is among the most commonly used wellbeing benefits, along with line manager training, carer support, home working and occupational health.

Three in four firms have an employee wellbeing strategy

5 Jul 2017

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of UK companies say they now either have or are implementing a wellbeing strategy during 2017, research...

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NMC revalidation

How to succeed in NMC revalidation for occupational health

4 Jul 2017

Occupational health nurses will be familiar by now with the process of NMC revalidation, but concerns remain about how to...

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occupational exposure to Hepatitis B

Case study: occupational exposure to Hepatitis B

2 Jun 2017

A case study of occupational exposure to hepatitis B shows how to transform occupational health nursing care through reflective practice....

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People experiencing depression and working in a metropolitan area were at greater risk of increasing their alcohol consumption to risky levels around retirement, a report found.

Occupational health research round-up: June 2017

1 Jun 2017

This month’s round-up of occupational health research includes studies on alcohol consumption of people reaching retirement age and the relationship...

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Society of Occupational Medicine logo

Making the occupational health business case: lessons from the US

31 May 2017

Scientific evidence and the occupational health business case were key topics at the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine...

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