Sickness absence management

Many employers opt for early interventions in sickness absence, which differs from the  the Fit for Work service model.

Employers’ use of Fit for Work service is still low, study shows

More than a year on from its launch, the Government’s flagship Fit for Work sickness absence service remains singularly underused...

Prime MInister Theresa May arrives at the Royal Society in January to deliver a speech on mental health. REX/Shutterstock

Theresa May promises more help for employees with mental illness

2 Feb 2017

Employers will be given additional help in supporting staff who need to take time off for mental illness, the Government...

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More than one in seven (15%) said  in a survey they would not disclose a long-term health condition such as arthritis or recurrent joint pain to their employer.

Research calls for better support for long-term conditions in the workplace

2 Feb 2017

A study by the charity Arthritis Research UK has called on the Government to better support people with long-term conditions...

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The Guernsey flag: the island  has overhauled sickness absence and sick pay  with emphasis on return to work after illness. Photo: Richard Sowersby/REX/Shutterstock

Occupational health plays key role in Guernsey’s sickness absence and sick pay revamp

31 Jan 2017

Guernsey has launched phase two of its reforms of sickness absence and sick pay, focusing on return-to-work interventions and the...

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NICE: massage and manipulation should only be used with exercise due to lack of  evidence of benefits when used alone.

NICE updates guidance on low back pain and sciatica

3 Jan 2017

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published updated guidance on low back pain and sciatica, including...

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Are some complementary therapies used in work and wellbeing programmes  just  “plain daft”, despite their widespread use?

IES conference: the good, the bad and the plain daft in work and wellbeing

2 Jan 2017

The recent annual conference of the Institute for Employment Studies took place just after the health and disability Green Paper...

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sickness absence rates

Sickness absence rate stays level in major annual survey

3 Nov 2016

The average rate of sickness absence during 2015 across the UK was 2.6% of working time, calculations for Occupational Health...

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Presenteeism survey shows nine out of 10 staff work while sick

3 Nov 2016

Presenteeism remains a persistent problem in UK organisations, research from Canada Life Group Insurance has concluded, with 90% of UK...

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fake sick notes

Employers warned to be vigilant about fake sick notes

4 Oct 2016

Employers and GPs are being warned to be vigilant over fake sick notes which some employees could be using to...

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contacting employees on sick leave

Risks of contacting employees on sick leave with mental health problems

2 Oct 2016

Following a recent legal decision, employers may need to revisit policies on contacting employees on sick leave, particularly if they...

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Cancer accounts for 31% of  long-term sickness absence  claims paid, with breast  cancer accounting for almost half.

Cancer is top cause of long-term sickness absence claims, report shows

8 Sep 2016

Cancer accounts for almost one-third of all long-term sickness absence claims paid through income protection in the last year, according...

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telephone health assessments

Telephone health assessments: good practice in occupational health

5 Aug 2016

Telephone health assessments can be a useful way to provide a fast and effective OH service. Catherine Darcy-Jones and Anne...

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The IES report suggests employers should not discount the positive benefits of some presenteeism at work

Report says presenteeism is of benefit when supporting return to work

29 Jun 2016

Being at work while ill – so-called “presenteeism” – may not always be such a bad thing, a report by...

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A third of manufacturing firms  would pay for medical treatment if there was a benefit to the company,  the EEF survey found.

Manufacturers call for tax relief for medical expenses to get sick staff back to work

28 Jun 2016

Manufacturers have called on the Government to revisit the idea of offering tax breaks for medical treatments as a way...

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occupational health management referrals

How to get occupational health management referrals right

22 Jun 2016

Getting OH management referrals right is a key factor in supporting a return to work after sickness absence. Dr Sue...

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