Ramsay Healthcare UK the leading independent sector provider of hospital services to the NHS selects HealthRoster to enhance patient safety

Ramsay has appointed Allocate Software, the leading provider of workforce optimisation solutions, to provide a national deployment of its e-rostering solution, HealthRoster so that the right mix of clinical and staff skills are on duty day or night to enhance patient safety at their hospitals. Ramsay will use this software to highlight any gaps in cover and skill mix as we expand our services so that we can more easily ensure that the right staff are on duty at the right time.

Ramsay already has a superb safety record with excellent patient outcomes. For example unplanned returns to the operating theatre within the same admission is one of the key standard clinical performance indicators required by the Care Quality Commission and Ramsay hospitals have a very low rate compared to the national average. These and other key clinical performance indicators are published on their hospital websites in their Quality Accounts.

Ramsay provide a comprehensive range of complex surgical and secondary care services across their network of 37 sites that include 22 acute care hospitals and 10 Treatment Centres managed on behalf of the NHS. They have a workforce of over 4,000 nurses, healthcare professionals and support staff.

Allocate’s HealthRoster solution was selected following a rigorous due diligence process in which all elements of the solution were thoroughly tested and compared to other service providers. Allocate was able to demonstrate how HealthRoster could provide intelligent e-rostering functionality with a simple end-user interface to deliver financial savings as well as ensuring the right mix of staff were always available.

Paul Scandrett, Director of Healthcare, Allocate Software commented; “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the leading independent provider of hospital services to the NHS in the UK to deliver HealthRoster on a national scale. This significant opportunity has been built on our proven track record of success and our innovative outlook. As a forward thinking company we look forward to working closely with Ramsay and providing them with the very latest technology to enable delivery of world class patient care.”

Allocate Software

Allocate Software plc is the leading supplier of workforce optimisation and corporate governance solutions for world-wide organisations with large, multi-skilled workforces. Using Allocate Software’s workforce optimisation and corporate governance software, organisations can deploy the right people with the right skills, to the right place at the right time, allowing organisations to match operational demands with workforce supply ensuring efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance with statutory and regulatory frameworks whilst reducing costs.

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