Mystery Applicant wins top technology award at the RIS summit in Silicon Valley

Bath, United Kingdom

Mystery Applicant is the winner of ERE’s first-ever technology start up competition at the Recruiting Innovation Summit in Mountain View, California. This is a major achievement for the company as it acknowledges the pioneering approach and unique offering of this candidate experience analytics tool. The judging criteria was based on solving a business problem, focus on a target market and product positioning in the marketplace.

Founder Nick Price said:
“We are incredibly proud to have won this award against strong competition from other companies around the world. It’s testament to our technology, our team and our vision that we were the chosen winners. We are already working with global companies who are realising the benefits of being able to measure their employer brand and refine their recruitment processes. Our HR software tool gives candidates a voice which can only be a positive.”

Mystery Applicant takes big data and turns it into a user friendly format via the dashboard interface. HR and recruitment departments are being increasingly pressed to provide evidence to support strategies and this gives them the information they need at their fingertips.

Nick added:
“We live in a feedback society yet the one area where this hasn’t been possible is candidate experience – until now. Applying for a job is intensely personal and potentially life changing so people care about the decisions they are making. Companies invest huge sums of money in attracting the best talent so providing the best recruitment experience really matters. Rarely though have either side been able to share their feedback. Mystery Applicant fills this void.”

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