World’s most comprehensive preventative health screening now available to businesses

Brand new screening service utilising cutting-edge biochip technology can detect early signs of costly long-term illnesses

London, UK, 28 May 2012: Randox Health Checks Ltd., a pioneering movement in preventative healthcare, is bringing its revolutionary diagnostic technology to businesses to ensure the health and wellbeing of their workforce. The health screening is based primarily on blood analysis and provides individuals with more information than ever before about their current and future health status. Randox Health Checks opened its first clinic in London today.

Randox Health Checks offers the most comprehensive test menu on the market, encompassing up to 250 individual tests compared to existing providers which typically offer between 10-40 checks. Employers will receive detailed, anonymous data analysis about their workforce’s health in order to direct resources where required and tailor wellness and intervention programmes accordingly.

Randox Health Checks can help safeguard employees’ health by identifying the precursors of a range of life-threatening and preventable conditions long before symptoms arise, allowing individuals to take action through improving their diet and lifestyle or seeking medical intervention.

Relief for stressed-out workers is on the horizon as Randox Health Checks also provides the world’s first diagnostic stress check. Until now employers have had very little clinical-based evidence to draw on when dealing with affected employees. The stress check was developed after a joint study with The Karolinska Institute of 287 patients who were off work on long-term leave due to stress found that these participants had elevated levels of cytokines and growth factors in their blood stream. In addition to measuring these biomarkers, the screening also assesses the effects of stress on the body.

Randox Health Checks uses biochip technology which has previously only been used by the most sophisticated healthcare systems around the world. In a world first, Randox Health Checks is now bringing this cutting-edge technology to organisations through the launch of a state-of-the-art clinic and laboratory in the City. Assessments can be conducted in the clinic or on-site at the workplace, both locally and internationally, to encourage employee uptake and provide minimal disruption to busy working lives. Packages can also be customised according to budget and demographic needs of the workforce.

Valerie Phillips, Head of Business at Randox Health Checks in London, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our first clinic in the heart of the City. Our aim at Randox Health Checks is to provide employers with a data-driven diagnostic screening service which prevents costly long-term sickness absence and helps to determine return on investment in health and wellness programmes.”

For further information contact:
Charlotte Webber, MSL Health
T: 0207 878 3259

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