Employee obesity has been in the spotlight since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision in FOA, acting on behalf of Karsten Kaltoft v Billund Kommune in late 2014. In the case, the ECJ held that it is possible for obesity to constitute a disability under discrimination laws.

It did not take long for the UK courts and tribunals to apply this ruling. In early 2015, a Northern Ireland tribunal in Bickerstaff v Butcher upheld an individual's complaint of harassment after comments were made at work about his weight.

Occupational health research: diabetes

Occupational health research round-up for August 2017

This month’s look at occupational health research studies includes reports on the rising cost to employers of lifestyle illnesses and...

Sedentary middle aged office workers' health

Sedentary middle-aged office workers’ health at risk

3 Aug 2017

Most middle-aged office staff now spend as much time sitting down as pensioners, research has suggested, and in the process...

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corporate wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing strategies linked to HR goals are on the rise

3 Mar 2017

Higher numbers of employers have adopted workplace wellbeing strategies in the past year than in previous years and they are...

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Obesity survey finds more than one in four English adults are overweight

2 Feb 2017

New obesity figures have suggested that the average man in England now weighs nearly a stone more than he did...

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work and drug and alcohol addiction

Government report shows links between work and drug and alcohol addiction

3 Jan 2017

The Government’s long-awaited review into the links between work and addiction was published in December.
The review by Dame Carol...

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Fatism: there is a gap in the law which can only be closed through legislative reform. REX/Shutterstock

Obesity discrimination: UK disability laws incompatible with EU directive

25 Apr 2016

UK laws preventing discrimination against people based on their size should

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obesity discrimination

Obesity discrimination: study reveals prejudice among employers

9 Apr 2015

“Obese workers are unable to play a full role in the business,” “they wouldn’t be able to do the job...

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obesity discrimination

First UK tribunal finds worker’s obesity eligible for disability protection

11 Feb 2015

A UK employment tribunal has become the first to consider obesity as a disability following last year’s ruling in the...

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