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Make UK launches new Covid 19 HR & Legal Support Programme to protect businesses and safeguard jobs

PROMOTED | Make UK has developed a new online suite of services to help manufacturers with the challenges of preparing...

Legal Q&A: Sunday working changes for shop workers

26 May 2016

Although plans to allow local authorities to extend Sunday trading hours were recently defeated in the House of Commons, the...

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Legal Q&A: Unauthorised absence

15 Oct 2013

Sometimes an employee – or prospective employee – simply does not turn up for work or cannot be contacted. Natalie...

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Constructive dismissal

The qualification for a constructive dismissal claim

14 Oct 2013

Daniel Isaac, a partner in the employment team at Withers, answers the key questions on which a claim for unfair...

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Legal Q&A: Sunday working

16 Sep 2013

Joanna Dodd, senior associate at Clarion, answers employers’ questions on the law relating to Sunday working.Can I make my employees...

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Legal Q and A: The duty of mutual trust and confidence

23 Apr 2013

Constructive dismissal claims regularly cross the desks of employment lawyers and it’s a rare claim that doesn’t allege that the...

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Legal Q&A: Complying with the prevention of illegal working regime

27 Mar 2013

The Government tightened its position on illegal working in 2008, increasing pressure on employers to check the immigration status of...

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Legal Q&A: Justifying age discrimination

4 Mar 2013

If an employee is awarded a far greater sum of money as part of an enhanced redundancy package than their younger...

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Legal Q&A: Constructive dismissal

19 Feb 2013

The law surrounding constructive dismissal can often create headaches for employers. It can be difficult to know what constitutes a breach...

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Legal Q&A: The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

5 Feb 2013

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill is currently making its way through Parliament. The Government is looking to use the...

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Legal Q&A: Putting pensions auto-enrolment into practice

11 Jan 2013

October 2012 saw the introduction of automatic pensions enrolment. Arguably the biggest UK pension reform in recent years, it will...

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Legal Q&A: Dealing with employees with depression and addictions

4 Dec 2012

Over recent decades, as the UK economy has shifted from manufacturing to service industries so the traditional workplace illnesses have...

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Legal opinion: Can employees be dismissed for their political opinions?

26 Nov 2012

In the recent case of Redfearn v the United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights held that the UK...

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Legal Q&A: Are ‘zero-hours contracts’ an alternative to the use of agency workers?

16 Nov 2012

In a recent survey on employment trends in 2012, the CBI reported that the increased costs and complexity brought about...

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Legal Q&A: What does Birmingham City Council v Abdulla mean for equal pay claims?

13 Nov 2012

It has been long accepted that the courts and the employment tribunals have concurrent jurisdiction to hear claims for breach...

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