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Recording disciplinary and grievance meetings

Legal Q&A: Recording disciplinary and grievance meetings

2 Oct 2012

There are circumstances when both employees and employers may want to record formal meetings, for example in the hope that...

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payments in lieu of notice

PILON: When can payments in lieu of notice be paid tax free?

11 Sep 2012

Payment in lieu of notice (PILON) is an issue that employers must approach with caution to avoid unwelcome tax implications...

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Legal Q&A: What health questions can employers ask during the recruitment process?

5 Sep 2012

Under the Equality Act 2010, employers are prevented from asking potential recruits questions about their health before a job offer...

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Legal Q&A: Employing foreign workers

3 Sep 2012

Olympics fever has meant that 2012 has been a boom year for the number of foreign nationals working in the UK, particularly...

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Legal Q&A: The risks of using social media as a recruitment tool

13 Aug 2012

The UK tends to follow US trends and, as recent statistics suggest, it is becoming increasingly common for US recruiters...

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Redundancy and redeployment - finding an alternative role

Legal Q&A: Redundancy and redeployment – what is a suitable alternative role?

21 May 2012

In an ever-changing world, employers are constantly under pressure to restructure and review headcount. Departmental reshuffles and changes in job...

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Legal Q&A: Extension to Sunday trading hours during the Olympics

13 Apr 2012

One of the big announcements in this year’s Budget was the proposed relaxation of Sunday trading rules during the 2012...

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Weekly dilemma: Use of CCTV

29 Feb 2012

I’m concerned about some stock shortages in my shop and want to introduce CCTV to monitor things. Are there any...

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Valentine’s Day dilemma: Office relationships and sexual harassment

14 Feb 2012

An office romance has turned bad and now one of the parties is alleging sexual harassment. As he was in...

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Weekly dilemma: Employee absence due to adverse weather

8 Feb 2012

One of my employees has called to say that he’s not going to be in for work – and won’t...

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Legal Q&A: Employers’ obligations towards apprentices

8 Feb 2012

Solicitor James Hall provides answers to employers’ questions about the law relating to apprenticeships. Q What is an apprenticeship?An apprenticeship...

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Legal Q&A: TUPE basics

23 Jan 2012

TUPE remains one of the most complex areas of employment law and one that continues to evolve – not least...

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Weekly dilemma: Statutory leave entitlements where a surrogate mother is used

17 Jan 2012

We are a small bakery and a member of staff is using a surrogate to have a child. Can she...

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Weekly dilemma: Dismissal of an employee whose husband works for a competitor

11 Jan 2012

One of my senior planning department employees has recently got married. Her new husband works for our fiercest competitor and...

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Legal Q&A: Protection from Harassment Act 1997

3 Jan 2012

The case law takes a broad approach to the application of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, says employment lawyer...

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