Legal Q&A

Testing times for drink or drug abuse

13 Jul 2004

Q One of our managers likes a drink or two, but there are rumours he is taking drugs as well....

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Termination payments and income tax

29 Jun 2004

Jill Kelly, partner at Clarks, explains the precautions that should be taken when making termination payments

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Protecting company secrets

22 Jun 2004

The days of ‘a job for life’ are long gone. Redundancies are common, as are disaffected staff who can wreak...

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Religions and beliefs

15 Jun 2004

There is no requirement in the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 (RB regulations) for people to provide evidence...

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Information and consultation obligations

8 Jun 2004

Q Is it right that I will soon have to consult my employees about business decisions? A Heralded by the...

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Pregnant staff and sex discrimination

25 May 2004

Q One of my staff only started work here a few weeks ago, and now she tells me she is...

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Employing Armed Forces reservists

18 May 2004

Q Can employers refuse to employ reservists? A Yes. There is nothing to prevent a prospective employer declining to employ...

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Elective medical procedures

11 May 2004

As elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery and fertility treatment become increasingly affordable, are you confident of how to manage...

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‘Without prejudice’ communications

4 May 2004

In the recent case of BNP Paribas v Mezzotero, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) provided some important clarification to employers...

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Pay rises and maternity pay

27 Apr 2004

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has recently decided that if a woman receives a pay rise before the end...

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Avoiding illegal workers

20 Apr 2004

Q I understand there is a new law on illegal working? A It is already a criminal offence to employ...

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Is your workforce feeling the strain?

13 Apr 2004

To clarify the position following our front page story (6 April), Ros Gumbley, a consultant at Human & Legal Resources,...

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The benefits of mediation

30 Mar 2004

Q How does mediation work? A Mediation is a mechanism or procedure for resolving all forms of legal dispute, including...

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Paying the price when it all goes wrong

23 Mar 2004

Q If I am found to have unfairly dismissed a member of staff, what is the most it could cost...

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Conflict between private life and working life

16 Mar 2004

Q One of my staff has been convicted of smashing a local shop window while drunk. Can I dismiss him?...

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