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Strategies for Occupational Health Management in Construction

The construction industry’s current occupational health framework is not up to the task. It is leaving the construction sector open to crippling health liabilities that will drive skills out of the sector and potentially force construction and infrastructure companies into unnecessary recruitment, training and litigation costs.

Talent, Career and Succession: a discussion paper

19 Aug 2009

There is no more important a time than a recession for enterprises to demonstrate effective leadership through people who really understand the business, live its values and command respect.

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How Unified Talent Development Drives Better Business Results

18 Aug 2009

Segregating learning from performance management is like spinning one wheel of a bicycle at a time – an illogical approach that gets you nowhere. This paper explains why effective talent development can only be served by a unified approach that integrates these two elements into one cohesive strategy.

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Non-financial reward in a recession white paper

10 Aug 2009

The non-financial reward in a recession white paper looks at the benefits package in a recession.

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Webinar: The vision of HR in 2020 with Oracle and Personnel Today

9 Jul 2009

Open forum discussion on the vision for the HR profession, what role HR must play in organisations in the future, and the big issues that will define the UK workplace in the coming years.

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E.ON Case Study – Active Energy Programme by Nuffield Health

1 Jul 2009

E.ON’s human resource and occupational health departments worked closely with Nuffield Proactive Health in developing a pioneering on-site wellbeing programme for employees working at its UK offices.

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Facilitating 360-Degree Feedback: a discussion paper

12 Jun 2009

What works best when facilitating 360-degree feedback sessions? What traps should you avoid and what issues typically arise in feedback sessions? TPMG discusses its approach, based on years of experience in different client cultures.

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The Centrica Triage Programme – A case study

1 Jun 2009

Nuffield Health has been providing a physiotherapy triage service to Centrica since September 2007. Centrica decided to tackle absenteeism caused by musculoskeletal issues, as this affects the ability of their 9,000 engineers to carry out what is a physically demanding job.

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Talent Wars: The struggle for tomorrow’s workforce

1 Jun 2009

Talent management is moving up the corporate agenda. Nearly two-thirds of executives in a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (and sponsored by SAP) expect employee recruitment and retention to become tougher over the next three years, and over one-fifth see this as becoming “significantly harder”.

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The Cadbury ‘Fit for Life’ Programme – A case study

18 May 2009

Cadbury wanted to take a more proactive approach to managing their employees’ health and wellbeing and as such worked with Nuffield Health on introducing a health and wellbeing programme for c2,000 employees across 8 locations.

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Proving the value of HR Technology. Real life metrics and case studies.

4 Mar 2009

The value that many organisations have achieved from Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies has been shown in a series of post-implementation reviews and Return on Investment (ROI) stories by CedarCrestone and Oracle.

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Grass Roots assists Asda in its focus on customers’ needs

27 Oct 2008

ASDA, part of the Wal-Mart family, has been trading for more than 40 years in the UK and is now a major recognised supermarket chain.

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Case Study: Grass Roots ‘Xcites’ GAME staff to boost sales

22 Sep 2008

GAME Stores Group Limited is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. The Group operates from 800 stores, concessions and franchises in nine territories across Europe and Australia.

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Employee Engagement White Paper commissioned by IXIA

15 Sep 2008

The appeal of employee engagement to management is its proven links to bottom-line results. However one question still challenges many organisations in their quest to improve performance - “What can be done to significantly impact employee engagement?”

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White Paper: Oracle’s Strategic Development of Core HR Systems

14 May 2008

Want to save time, money and increase employee satisfaction?

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