Workplace Issues and Advice

Be a good corporate citizen

6 Aug 2007

Why is it important?Global warming is constantly debated in the press, and scenes of natural disasters – including flash floods,...

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Spotlight on office gyms

24 Jul 2007 number of overweight people has increased by 400% in the past 25 years, based on figures from Nuffield Proactive Health.“People...

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Spotlight on: office irritations

10 Jul 2007

by Natalie Cooper
Do you sit next to the office clown, who constantly cracks unfunny jokes? Or endure a noisy...

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How to: job hop

10 Jul 2007

Why is it important?The days when being on a progressive career path meant staying at the same company for life...

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Spotlight on: handling failure

3 Jul 2007

Gung-ho ‘no fear’ and ‘can do’ attitudes are inspirational to staff and can provide a focus for career development and...

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Spotlight on: first-day nerves

26 Jun 2007

Gordon Brown starts his new job tomorrow, and like anyone beginning a new role, he’ll no doubt have new-boy butterflies...

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Spotlight on: desk health

19 Jun 2007

Stuck at your desk all day, glued to your computer screen? For most employees working in a fast-paced, pressurised environment,...

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Spotlight on: company fraudsters

12 Jun 2007

The typical company fraudster is a trusted male executive – sometimes even the chief executive – who gets away with...

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Spotlight on video CVs

5 Jun 2007

First the paper CV gave way to the e-mail version, and now it appears that the US is moving towards...

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Spotlight on: plants in the workplace

29 May 2007

Are you surrounded by foliage in your office? If not, you could be at risk of suffering from lower morale...

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Spotlight on: friendships at work

22 May 2007

Londoners have the fewest close friends, according to a recent survey, and most of these are made at the office....

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Big Brother-style bullying

30 Jan 2007

The recent media hype surrounding the alleged bullying of contestant Shilpa Shetty in the Celebrity Big Brother house caused a...

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