Yardstick Update

Private sector organisations predict 2% pay rise

Private sector organisations predict a median pay rise of 2% in the year September 2009 to August 2010, according to...

Performance-related pay hit during recession

28 Oct 2009

The recession has had an impact on performance-related pay (PRP) schemes for more than four-fifths of employers, according to research...

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Recession redundancies vastly underestimated by employers

20 Oct 2009

Almost half of employers vastly underestimated the number of redundancies they would be forced to make in 2009, according to...

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Housing association staff pay continues to rise

12 Oct 2009

Basic pay for housing association employees increased by a median of 3.8% in the 12 months to July 2009, according...

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Psychometric testing increasingly used in pre-employment screening

8 Oct 2009

Pyschometric testing is on the increase, according to findings from research by Personnel Today’s paid-for sister service XpertHR.The survey of 90...

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Impact of recession on learning and development

2 Oct 2009

The recession has had a negative impact on learning and development for more than half of employers, according to a...

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Health-related benefits provision is in decline

15 Sep 2009

The provision of health-related benefits has taken a hit during the recession as employers continue to cut costs, according to...

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Staff benefits and allowances 2009: childcare vouchers top the list

1 Sep 2009

Childcare vouchers are the most commonly offered benefit by employers, according to research from Personnel Today‘s paid-for sister service XpertHR.The...

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Public sector bodies most likely to tackle diversity

18 Aug 2009

Public sector bodies are the most likely organisations to tackle diversity, according to research from Personnel Today‘s sister publication IRS...

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Use of employment agencies on the wane

17 Jun 2009

The use of recruitment and employment agencies* is falling – a trend that is likely to continue in the current...

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‘Survivor syndrome’ among staff is hindering employers

10 Jun 2009

‘Survivor syndrome’ – which describes the physical and psychological impact of redundancies on the remaining staff who didn’t lose their jobs –...

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UK labour turnover rates and costs in 2008

1 Jun 2009

One in 10 UK employees resigned from their job in 2008, according to the median labour turnover rate in recent...

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Recession threatens equality timebomb for female leadership pipeline

18 May 2009

The recession could irreparably damage the pipeline of female leadership in the UK, according to recent research by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).The...

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Managing the recruitment and absence of people with disabilities

11 May 2009

Two-thirds (67%) of employers have a written policy that deals with disability as part of a more general diversity policy,...

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Bonus schemes still in use by 80% of firms

5 May 2009

The majority (80.3%) of employers are still operating bonus or incentive schemes, according to recent research from Personnel Today‘s sister...

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