Yardstick Update

Bonuses for 60% of white-collar workers last year

24 Apr 2009

Six in 10 white-collar workers took home a cash bonus last year, worth on average 13.8% on top of basic...

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Pay rises for directors, managers and professionals fall

14 Apr 2009

Pay rises for company directors, managers and professional staff have fallen this year, according to research by salary survey specialists...

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Effective staff inductions lead to broader benefits

3 Apr 2009

Effective staff inductions can boost retention rates and productivity levels among new recruits, according to a recent survey by Personnel...

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Profiles launches career-match service

30 Mar 2009

Profiles International, the world’s leading online assessment provider, is introducing a new product to support HR departments and career counselling companies...

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Succession planning still scarce in UK workplaces

24 Mar 2009

Succession planning – which limits the effects of losing key members of staff by preparing suitable replacements for the vacancies – is...

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Effective absence management measures

19 Mar 2009

Improving return-to-work interviews is the single most effective absence management measure, according to a recent survey by Personnel Today‘s sister...

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Management consultancy is highest earner for graduates

10 Mar 2009

Management consulting offers the best immediate earning potential for graduates, netting them up to £155,000 within four years, according to...

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Staff morale in decline as redundancies soar

4 Mar 2009

More than half of employers have noticed the damaging impact redundancies are having on staff morale, according to a recent...

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Pyschometric tests used for staff development

27 Feb 2009

While the use of psychometric testing is most commonplace during the recruitment and selection process, according to a recent survey...

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Employee referral schemes help net top talent

12 Feb 2009

Employee referral schemes may provide a cost-effective way of finding top-quality candidates during the economic downturn, according to a recent...

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Employers aim to reduce workplace stress

6 Feb 2009

Most employers have taken steps to reduce the prevalence of stress in the workplace, according to a recent survey by...

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Employers seek to reduce recruitment costs

3 Feb 2009

Employers are looking for ways to reduce their recruitment costs in the wake of the economic downturn, according to a...

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Controlling impact of drugs and alcohol at work

23 Jan 2009

The majority of employers now have an alcohol and drug policy in place to tackle the issue of substance abuse...

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Age discrimination laws help staff work longer

19 Jan 2009

Most employers have increased their retirement age to 65 to comply with the anti-ageism regulations, despite being legally entitled to...

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Finance staff get salary rise but real value falls

12 Jan 2009

Finance staff saw their basic salaries increase by an average of 4.7% in 2008, but experienced a fall in the...

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