Why a disjointed approach to mental health at work is failing to deliver

As the mental health of the workforce continues to deteriorate, the focus must shift from disconnected tactical solutions to joined-up...

Occupational Health research round-up: November 2017

2 Nov 2017

This month’s overview of occupational health research looks at confidentiality issues with employee assistance programmes and correlations between the work...

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stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace tops reasons for EAP use

5 Oct 2017

Stress in the workplace is forcing many employees to turn to employee assistance programmes (EAPs), the Health Insurance Group has...

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Supporting the forgotten community of employees who are carers

2 Jan 2017

Employers need to consider how to support employees who are carers, so they can balance work with caring for dependants....

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The role of employee assistance programmes during economic uncertainty

1 Aug 2016

With continuing economic uncertainty, an employee assistance programme (EAP) can be an effective way to manage risk caused by employee...

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employee assistance programme

Four tips to make your employee assistance programme work harder

4 Sep 2015

Halfway is half-hearted with employee assistance programmes (EAPs). They should not be stuck on a shelf collecting dust, but actively...

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How leaders can drive workforce wellbeing and performance

4 Nov 2014

A healthy and productive workforce is essential to the success of any organisation in this globally competitive world. However, nearly...

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Are EAPs the best employee benefit to tackle stress?

8 Nov 2010

The UK seems to be in the middle of a stress epidemic, which often manifests itself in the workplace. But...

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How an EAP helps tackle mental ill health at work

8 Oct 2010

Figures from the charity Mind suggest that one in four people in the UK is diagnosed with a mental illness...

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