Webinar: Financial wellbeing

November 7,2019 on

In this webinar, employee benefits and pensions consultant Maggie Williams demystifies financial wellbeing.

Podcast: Covert recordings at work

Shared from on 29 October 2019

We discuss the legal and practical issues that arise through covert recordings at work.

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Podcast: Labour turnover and sickness absence rates

Shared from on 16 October 2019

We discuss trends in labour turnover and sickness absence rates based on data gathered by XpertHR.

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Podcast: Employment tribunals – the state of play

Shared from on 5 October 2019

Over two years on from the abolition of employment tribunal fees, we discuss the latest figures for tribunal claims and look at the impact on employers of severe delays in cases being heard.

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Webinar: Embracing flexible working – top tips for engaging line managers

Shared from on 27 September 2019

Peter Thomson, an expert on the changing world of work, helps you get your line managers on board with flexible working.

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Upcoming webinar: Embracing flexible working – top tips for encouraging line managers

Shared from on 22 September 2019

Join us on 24 September for an hour-long webinar, where Peter Thomson, a speaker, consultant and coach, will explain the benefits of flexible working for the employee, business and line manager, and give you his top tips on how to get your line manager...

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Podcast: The right to work in the UK

Shared from on 17 September 2019

We discuss employers' obligations when it comes to ensuring all employees have the right to work in the UK.

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Podcast: Dismissal for poor attendance

Shared from on 4 September 2019

We discuss common issues associated with dismissal for long-term poor attendance recently highlighted in the EAT decision of Kelly v Royal Mail Group.

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Podcast: Handling difficult conversations

Shared from on 7 August 2019

Gary Bates and Sarah-Jane Georges, both account directors at behaviour change company Steps, discuss the best ways to develop line manager confidence and competence in having difficult conversations.

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Podcast: Whistleblowing

Shared from on 23 July 2019

We are joined by Matthew Perry, solicitor at Wedlake Bell, to explore common issues relating to whistleblowing.

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Podcast: Positive action

Shared from on 11 July 2019

We discuss the legal and practical issues that employers need to think about when contemplating positive action.

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Webinar: How to promote good mental health

Shared from on 11 July 2019

Uxshely Chotai, a qualified lawyer, psychotherapist and trainer who delivers mental health training with byrne-dean, discusses the practical steps that a line manager can take to create a working environment that is conducive to good mental health.

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Podcast: Dress and appearance in the workplace

Shared from on 27 June 2019

We discuss workplace dress codes and reflect on recent research we have carried out in this area.

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Podcast: Latest updates on Brexit and what they mean to employers

Shared from on 12 June 2019

Louise Haycock, director at Fragomen, takes us through the implications of Theresa May's resignation and the new proposed Brexit date of 31st October 2019.

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Webinar: Managing poor performance

Shared from on 12 June 2019

Darren Newman discusses some common challenges when managing poor performance including: providing negative feedback constructively; identifying and acting on barriers to success; and progressing through a process when feedback does not work.

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