Working from home

All employees with 26 weeks' service have the right to request a change to their hours, timing or location of work. Flexible working can improve productivity but it brings with it various issues for employers. Here we highlight our latest flexible working content, including guidance on how to handle flexible working requests, including content on working from home.


How to make video technology work beyond recruitment

15 Jan 2016

Using video for hiring interviews is growing in popularity, but how can organisations expand how they use this versatile technology?...

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Flexible working: let workers switch off over Christmas

3 Dec 2015

How many of us will really switch off this Christmas (and that means turning off the smartphone, not just taking...

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Home truths: homeworkers and the law

2 Oct 2015

Working from home can have many benefits, as long as employers amend the standard employment contract and take care of ...

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45% more women are working from home now than in 2005

One in seven now working from home

5 Jun 2015

The number of people working from home has increased to almost one in seven over the past decade, according to...

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