Restrictive covenants

A restrictive covenant is an agreement (usually a clause within a contract of employment) between an employer and an employee that restrains the employee from carrying out certain actions both during employment and in the event that the employment ceases.

The actions that covenants commonly seek to prevent a former employee from carrying out include: competing with the employer, taking the employer's trade secrets and soliciting the employer's clients and/or staff.

Hollywood imposes Twitter-proof contracts on stars

19 Oct 2009

Hollywood bosses are inserting clauses into actors’ contracts to stop them leaking film information on social networking sites such as...

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Collective redundancy: ECJ ruling muddies the waters

17 Sep 2009

A European Court of Justice ruling about a Finnish collective redundancy case could affect UK employers' decisions on when to start collective consultation about redundancies.

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Research scientists win £1.5m in employee patent case

10 Mar 2009

Two inventors shared compensation of £1.5m after a recent High Court ruling recognised their roles in inventing a patented health...

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How to have without prejudice off-the-record discussions safely: peril and prejudice

15 Sep 2008

Michael Farrelly looks at the perils of using off-the-record discussions between employer and employee in disputes.Conciliatory correspondence can often create...

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Legal Q&A: Staff poaching measures

26 Aug 2008

Swiss investment bank UBS recently grabbed some headlines with the interim injunction that it won against competing start-up wealth manager,...

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Compensation claim lost over failure to comply with signed agreement

5 Jun 2008

Collidge v Freeport plcFACTS Mr Collidge was the chief executive and a director of Freeport. In early 2006, allegations of financial...

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Time to update restrictive covenants

8 Oct 2007

A recent survey of City solicitors in Legal Week revealed that 46% of the partners surveyed said that post-termination covenants...

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Dressing down for rebel who took JobCentre Plus to tribunal after refusing to wear shirt and tie to work as stipulated in dress code

7 Jun 2006

Loud dresser pays price for defying company dress code.

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Lawyer suggests Crystal Palace may have ‘shot itself in the foot’ over contract after chairman of football club sues former manager

1 Jun 2006

Crystal Palace football club could be fall guys in manager-go-round saga.

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City to see rise in contract disputes

3 Nov 2005

There will be increasing numbers of disputes over City contracts following the annual bonuses, lawyers predict.

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Protect your data

22 Jun 2004

It pays to know the difference between data protection and the protection of data.

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