Why supporting all carers benefits men, women and business

9 Feb 2018

Recent research showing how women and men continue to struggle to achieve the right balance between their work and family...

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Why HR should step up and support working carers

27 Jun 2017

The UK’s social care crisis was a hot topic during this month’s general election, serving to highlight the growing number...

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Supporting the forgotten community of employees who are carers

2 Jan 2017

Employers need to consider how to support employees who are carers, so they can balance work with caring for dependants....

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Five ways employers can support employees who are carers

19 Oct 2016

According to recent research one worker in eight is a carer, while almost one in six has had to take...

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carers at work

Working carers: only one-third of employers offer support

6 Jun 2016

Employers are being urged to put processes in place to assist working carers, as research reveals that only one-third (34%)...

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carers at work

Who cares at work? Ten things every employer should know about carers

11 Jun 2014

Three million people in the UK combine work with care. An ageing population means that this figure will rise significantly....

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Five disability discrimination cases brought by carers against their employers

15 May 2014

Employers should be alert to the possibility of committing disability discrimination against an individual with a relative who has a...

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One-third of employers offer leave to staff who are carers, research shows

12 May 2014

One employer in three offers leave to employees who are juggling work and care commitments, according to research by XpertHR...

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Millions giving up work to become carers

7 Mar 2013

More than 2.3 million adults have given up work to care for elderly, disabled or seriously ill relatives, and almost...

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Carers just as likely to look after relatives and partners as children, CIPD survey reveals

18 Mar 2010

Workers are as likely to have caring responsibilities for a partner, relative or friend as they are for children, a...

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Appeal Court equal pay ruling will mean Sheffield must compensate carers

11 Feb 2010

Sheffield City Council will have to compensate women carers who have been paid up to 38% less than their male...

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Paid leave for carers: could it really work?

15 Dec 2009

Pressure is building to give workers paid leave to care for sick and infirm relatives but how long should it last and who should foot the bill? Guy Sheppard and Louisa Peacock report.

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Paid leave for carers proposal could cover temporary workers

9 Dec 2009

Proposals to allow employees to claim paid leave when they care for sick relatives could be extended to cover temps,...

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Care support cash to be offered to carers who want to return to work

7 Dec 2009

Carers who want to update their skills will be able to access replacement care funding, the government has announced.Carers who...

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Carers’ flexible working rights a mystery to most employees

14 Sep 2009

Millions of people are unaware that carers have the right to ask for flexible working arrangements, a government survey has...

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