Reasonable adjustments

Under the Equality Act 2010, an employer has an active duty to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled person where its policies or practices, or physical feature of its premises, put a disabled employee at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with a non-disabled person. The duty also covers disabled job applicants in the recruitment process.

Reasonable adjustments in employment for a disability could include: reallocation of duties or redeployment to a different role; giving a nearby parking space to a disabled worker; providing a specialist piece of equipment; arranging breaks to cope with a disability; allocating a mentor; and amending the employer’s policy on companions at certain meetings.

Employers are required only to make adjustments that are reasonable. For example, if the cost of the reasonable adjustment is prohibitive, or the suggested adjustment is completely impractical, the employer may not be required to make it.

Weekly dilemma: making reasonable adjustments

25 May 2010

Q I am a site manager for a national chain of cafes, and a member of my staff was recently...

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How to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees

9 Mar 2010

Employers are under an obligation to safeguard against discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of disability. The fact that reasonable adjustments must be made to assist disabled employees during the course of their work is well recognised, but this duty also applies to recruitment and selection. Janice Nairns outlines employers' responsibilities.

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Disability discrimination – failure to consult over reasonable adjustments: Tarbuck v Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, EAT

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5 Oct 2004

Making sure that your company complies with disability discrimination legislation is essential. Annie Tyldesley, a nurse manager in an aged care centre in New Zealand, has created an assessment tool to help organisations get it right

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Guide to workplace adjustments for disabled launched

5 Feb 2004

leading disability charity has released a CD-Rom to help employers meet new
legislative obligations and reduce the effects of...

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Err on the side of caution with DDA adjustments

20 Feb 2001

may make reasonable adjustments under the Disability Discrimination Act for all
an employer comply with the duty...

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