Disability discrimination

Disabled people are protected in the workplace against direct and indirect disability discrimination, harassment and victimisation because of their disability. Disability discrimination legislation covers disabled employees, but also disabled job applicants in the recruitment process.

Under the Equality Act 2010, an employer has an active duty to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled person where its policies or practices, or physical feature of its premises, put a disabled employee at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with a non-disabled person.

Top 10 HR questions in December 2014

Top 10 HR questions in December 2014: Reasonable adjustments and bank holidays

2 Jan 2015

How far do employers have to go when making reasonable adjustments...

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Obesity can be considered a disability, ECJ rules

18 Dec 2014

Obesity can be considered a disability within European law, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled today.
Ruling on...

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Employment law: eight cases to look out for in 2015

12 Dec 2014

We round up eight significant employment law decisions expected in 2015, including legal cases pending on collective redundancy consultation and...

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Employees with attention deficit disorder: practical and legal tips

1 Dec 2014

It is common knowledge that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects children and teenagers, but the extent to which it...

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Redundancy selection: employer’s approach to disability-related absences

27 Nov 2014

In DLA Piper’s latest case report, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) tackled the thorny issue of applying sickness absence criteria...

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Disabled worker

Disability discrimination: many employers fail to ask about reasonable adjustments

26 Nov 2014

Some private-sector employers could be at risk of discriminating against disabled job applicants by failing to ask about reasonable adjustments,...

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Tribunal watch: Disability harassment against West Yorkshire Police for 'doolally' remark

Tribunal watch: Disability harassment against West Yorkshire Police for “doolally” remark

17 Nov 2014

An employment tribunal has found that a sergeant’s comments to a police officer returning to work after a stress-related absence...

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10 disability reasonable adjustments

Disability discrimination: 10 examples of reasonable adjustments in employment

9 Sep 2014

We round up 10 examples of straightforward reasonable adjustments that have arisen in case law.

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Sick leave

Long-term sickness absence: five tricky issues for employers

8 Sep 2014

Managing an employee on long-term sick leave has to be one of the most challenging areas in HR. Sarah Embleton...

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Disability discrimination: 12 common reasonable adjustments in recruitment

2 Sep 2014

The duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments can arise at any point during the recruitment process, from advertising the...

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Demystifying disability discrimination law (webinar)

21 Aug 2014

ON DEMAND | In our latest webinar, employment lawyer Laurie Anstis will explain how disability discrimination law works, both in theory and in practice...

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Philosophical belief

Tribunal watch: Worker argues frustration over wasted public money is philosophical belief

21 Jul 2014

Can a public sector worker's passionate view that his employer should not waste public money count as a "philosophical belief" under discrimination legislation?

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Severely obese staff may gain disability rights

18 Jul 2014

Morbid obesity could be considered a disability under EU law, a top European legal official stated this week. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) stated that, while EU...

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Tribunal watch: Holocaust denial not a belief protected by discrimination legislation

30 Jun 2014

Two more employment tribunal decisions, featured in our weekly round-up of tribunal cases in the press, can be added to...

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Tribunal watch: Age discrimination claims cost parking firm £700,000

23 Jun 2014

This week, we report on an award of more than £700,000 to 20 older drivers who were dismissed after their...

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