Marriage and civil partnership discrimination

The law relating to marriage and civil partnership discrimination is governed by the Equality Act 2010, which came into force on 1 October 2010.

While the Equality Act 2010 largely consolidated previous discrimination legislation, it also defined marriage and civil partnership as a protected characteristic in its own right and removed the requirement for a comparator to establish victimisation.

According to statutory guidance, this protected characteristic covers “will cover any formal union of a man and a woman which is legally recognised in the UK as a marriage”. Marriage to same-sex partners would also be covered. A civil partnership is one that is registered under the Civil Partnership Act 2004, including those registered outside the UK.

Accountancy worker claims arranged marriage led to her losing job at BDO Stoy Hayward

4 Apr 2006

A muslim worker has accused a major accountancy firm of ditching her once it knew of her arranged marriage.

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Civil partnership law reminds employers to seek diversity

5 Dec 2005

New laws giving same-sex couples the right to enter into an equivalent of marriage are a reminder to employers to promote diversity in the workplace, according to employment law advisers Croner

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Anti-gay discrimination to be banned

10 Nov 2005

Anti-gay discrimination in hotels and restaurants is to be banned as part of the Equality Bill currently going through the House of Lords.

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How to be civil on rights for same-sex partners

30 Aug 2005

At present, gay and lesbian couples cannot have their relationships legally recognised in the UK. Partnership registration schemes, offered in some cities, provide a formal ceremony for same-sex couples, but confer no legal status on the couples involved. But this is set to change

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Civil partnerships: Perfect match

3 May 2005

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 gives same-sex couples who register as civil partners, similar rights and responsibilities as married people.
Anne-Marie Balfour and Joan Desmond spell out what employers need to know about the law

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DWP consults on further antidiscrimination proposals

11 Apr 2005

The Department for Work and Pensions is consulting on a proposed amendment to sexual equality regulations which will ban employers from discriminating against the partner of an employee who is in a same-sex relationship

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Legal Q&A: Sexual orientation

9 Dec 2003

By Michael Bradshaw, associate, employment and pensions
unit, Charles Russell
Q An employee has complained that he is being verbally...

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Working together in close partnership

1 Aug 2003

occupational health professionals, working in vastly different settings,
discuss the pros and cons of working within a multidisciplinary team,...

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Derbyshire Police in the dock over high-level discrimination

1 Sep 2002

A ruling against Derbyshire Police has clarified the rules on marriage discrimination and highlights the ways employers can fall foul of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975

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A year of European intervention, tribunal legislation, job loss consultation, sex and race discrimination and outsourcing consternation

18 Dec 2001

Equal pay for both sexes, greater consultation over redundancies, tribunal reforms and outsourcing HR were among the major issues the profession faced in 2001. Then there were the unforeseen events, such as the Foot and Mouth crisis and fall-out of September 11É

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