Positive action

Under the Equality Act 2010, positive action means action that is taken to encourage certain groups, for example women or people from a particular racial minority, to take advantage of opportunities for employment if the purpose is to tackle their underrepresentation in a particular field.

Positive action is permissible under the Equality Act 2010. Examples of positive action include stating in the advertisement that applications from women are particularly welcome and using types of media for advertising that are likely to be seen by members of a particular racial or religious group.

Positive action, which is lawful, should be distinguished from positive discrimination, which is unlawful.

Equality Act will not increase positive action in recruitment, say industry experts

9 Apr 2010

Industry experts have poured cold water on government hopes that the new Equality Act will encourage employers to take positive...

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Weekly dilemma: ‘positive action’ in recruitment

8 Mar 2010

Q I am the HR manager for a large clothing business. We want to open up our recruitment strategy to...

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CIPD should take ‘positive action’ to boost racial diversity in HR

4 Mar 2010

A leading diversity expert has called on the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to take “positive action” to...

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Positive action: Accentuate the positive

31 Oct 2008

Despite plenty of negative publicity, the use of positive action will be extended when the Equality Bill becomes law. Nic Paton looks for the plus points of this controversial issue.

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BBC takes positive action to tackle lack of diversity at the top

27 Feb 2008

The BBC is to launch its biggest drive to fill more top positions with ethnic minority and disabled staff, Personnel...

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Weekly dilemma Positive action

1 May 2007

As a public sector organisation, we are in the process of writing our gender equality scheme. We have identified several...

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EEF director-general speaks out against calls for positive action

16 Jan 2007

Calls for the government to enforce positive action have been branded “populist, false thinking” by a UK business leader.

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Diversity tsar, Trevor Phillips, calls for change in equality law to allow positive action

5 Dec 2006

Pressure is mounting on the government to change the law to allow employers to take “special measures” in favouring ethnic...

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Lancashire Police hopes positive action will help it hit recruitment target

21 Apr 2006

Lancashire force defends positive action as legitimate bid to improve ethnic representation in ranks.

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People should understand what positive action means

24 Jan 2006

Just a thought regarding Naomi Feinstein’s comment in your ‘no whites’ news story (Personnel Today, 10 January). Positive action does...

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DTI urges leading firms to take positive action

14 Oct 2003

Trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt has written to 500 of the UK’s
top companies to urge them to benchmark...

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