Pregnancy and maternity discrimination

The law relating to pregnancy and maternity discrimination is governed by the Equality Act 2010. The core provisions of the Equality Act 2010, which repealed the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, came into force on 1 October 2010. While the Equality Act 2010 largely consolidated previous discrimination legislation, it also designated pregnancy and maternity as a protected characteristic in its own right.

The Equality Act 2010 specifically protects women against direct discrimination and victimisation because of the protected characteristic of pregnancy and maternity. While there are no specific provisions in the Equality Act 2010 for indirect discrimination and harassment in relation to pregnancy and maternity, a woman can claim sex discrimination in these cases. For example, many indirect sex discrimination cases are connected with the refusal of employers to allow women returning from maternity leave to work part time.

The architect worked on the design of London's Chiltern Firehouse restaurant. Photo: Jeff Blackler/REX

Tribunal watch: £406,000 for architect subjected to maternity discrimination

22 Jun 2015

Reports suggest that an employment tribunal has awarded £406,000 to an architect who was subjected to sexist bullying and marginalised...

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Tribunal watch: Intensive training requirement led to sex discrimination judgment

27 Apr 2015

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Svetlana Lokhova arrives at the tribunal hearing in 2013. Photo: Mark Richards / Daily Mail / REX

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13 Apr 2015

An employment tribunal award of £3.1 million has been given to a former banker who was forced out of her...

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Peter Willey, pictured at Lords in 2000, and fellow umpire George Sharp lost their ageism case against the ECB. Photo: Robert Hallam/REX

Tribunal watch: Cricket umpires lose age discrimination case

16 Mar 2015

An employment tribunal has rejected the age discrimination claims brought by two former cricket umpires, who were removed from their...

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Plans to finance egg freezing are a step backwards for gender equality

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Silicon Valley has a problem: it is failing to attract and retain sufficient numbers of talented women. To address this,...

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Sickness absence during pregnancy - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Sickness absence during pregnancy: four key questions for employers

15 Oct 2014

Employers need to take care when managing sickness absence during pregnancy, to ensure that they comply with their legal duties...

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Why you should not deny training or promotion to staff on maternity leave

11 Jun 2014

Two recent cases have highlighted the potential risk of employer’s policies on training and career advancement being discriminatory against employees...

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Maternity rights in surrogacy

Case in point: maternity in surrogacy, pregnancy‑related illness and data protection

28 Mar 2014

Eleanor Gelder looks at surrogate mothers and their right to maternity leave, dismissals following post-maternity leave absence and what constitutes personal data...

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Pregnancy and maternity: can you distinguish between fact and myth?

24 Aug 2012

Many employers continue to be incredibly nervous when navigating the myriad of potential legal issues surrounding pregnancy and maternity and...

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