Equal pay

Equal pay laws are contained in the Equality Act 2010. Women have the right to be paid the same as a male comparator where they do like work, work rated as equivalent, or work of equal value.

For an employer to defend an equal pay claim, it must demonstrate that any differential in pay is due to a “material factor”, and that the factor is not due to a difference in sex. Examples of material factor defences include length of service, skills and qualifications, performance and levels of responsibility.

Pay secrecy clauses in an employee’s contract of employment are unenforceable where the employee is involved in a relevant pay discussion.

Ten years of the Equality Act 2010: key cases for employers

1 Oct 2020

Ten years ago, the Equality Act 2010 consolidated discrimination laws into a single piece of legislation. We highlight 10 key...

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asda contract changes

Asda equal pay case comes before Supreme Court

13 Jul 2020

The long-running equal pay dispute between Asda and its shop-floor staff is to be considered by the Supreme Court this...

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Thousands of equal pay claims still received by tribunals each year

27 May 2020

An average of almost 29,000 equal pay complaints are received by employment tribunals in England and Wales per year as...

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Former TalkTalk exec loses equal pay claim

20 Apr 2020

A former TalkTalk manager who claimed she was paid 40% less than male colleagues has lost an equal pay case...

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Spain may launch permanent universal basic income

6 Apr 2020

New income system will continue after the coronavirus crisis in the country abates, signals deputy prime minister.

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Samira Ahmed and BBC reach equal-pay settlement

24 Feb 2020

Journalist Samira Ahmed has reached an undisclosed financial settlement with the BBC after she won an equal pay case against...

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Equal pay: Co-op joins Asda in shop-vs-depot tribunal battles

24 Jan 2020

More than 100 Co-op shop floor workers are seeking up to six years of back pay in the latest equal...

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BBC presenter Sarah Montague wins £400k equal pay settlement

20 Jan 2020

Radio presenter Sarah Montague has won a £400,000 equal pay settlement after the BBC admitted it had underpaid her for...

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BBC issues more than £3m in payouts to avoid further claims, reports say

13 Jan 2020

The BBC has paid out more than £3m to a number of employees in a move it hopes will avoid...

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BBC loses equal pay case with Samira Ahmed

10 Jan 2020

Journalist Samira Ahmed has won her equal pay claim against the BBC, having proved that the work she did was...

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Let’s tackle racism in the workplace at source

16 Dec 2019

Explicit racism is now significantly less common than it was once, but it's far from a thing of the past having evolved to survive in more subtle forms.

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Eight in 10 want right to know male colleagues’ salaries

14 Nov 2019

Women should have the right to know if they’re being paid less than their male colleagues, according to research by...

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Minouche Shafik

Women demand new Equal Pay Act to enforce transparency

11 Nov 2019

Equal pay campaign to demand new legislation, backed by leading women from all sectors, kicks off this Thursday.

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Boots to face equal pay legal challenge

7 Nov 2019

Thousands of Boots in-store employees in England, Scotland and Wales could be eligible to join an equal pay claim against the high street giant.

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BBC presenter Samira Ahmed takes equal pay case to tribunal

28 Oct 2019

BBC journalist Samira Ahmed is taking an equal pay case against the broadcaster to an employment tribunal, claiming she was...

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