Equality & diversity

DTI urges leading firms to take positive action

14 Oct 2003

Trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt has written to 500 of the UK’s
top companies to urge them to benchmark...

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Unions challenge draft rules on orientation discrimination

1 Oct 2003

Unions claim Employment Equality Regulations fail to give protection for gay and lesbian workers; HSE presses employers to tighten up job-related road safety before December

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Ban on councils’ homosexual promotion is repealed

19 Sep 2003

law that prohibits councils from ‘promoting’ homosexuality has been repealed.
successful case has never been brought under Section...

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Royal strikes sexual harassment deal with EOC

7 Aug 2003

Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has suspended its investigation into
alleged widespread sexual harassment at the Royal Mail after the...

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Working together in close partnership

1 Aug 2003

occupational health professionals, working in vastly different settings,
discuss the pros and cons of working within a multidisciplinary team,...

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Research: Workforce Diversity and Equality

17 Jun 2003

The Personnel Today Workforce Diversity and Equality survey, produced in association with DLA, polled 1,300 HR professionals in both the...

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Employers failing to address menopause in the workplace

1 May 2003

Women report criticism, ridicule and harassment by their managers

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Royal Mail pledges to stamp out sexual harassment cases

4 Feb 2003

The Royal Mail’s new director of diversity has pledged to change the
company’s work culture after the Equal Opportunities Commission...

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Derbyshire Police in the dock over high-level discrimination

1 Sep 2002

A ruling against Derbyshire Police has clarified the rules on marriage discrimination and highlights the ways employers can fall foul of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975

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Indirect discrimination not a statistical formula

16 Apr 2002

Employers must ensure their employment practices can be justified following an EAT ruling on sex discrimination claims

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Positive discrimination can be wrong under DDA

12 Feb 2002

A recent ruling by the EAT shows employers need not treat disabled employees more favourably than non-disabled staff

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In on the act: Indirect Discrimination and Burden of Proof Regulations

29 Jan 2002

Our continuing series of quick guides to major employment legislation puts key information at your fingertips and brings you up to date with the latest developments. This week Jane Brown, senior solicitor with the employment team at Manches, looks at changes to sex discrimination law, with the recent introduction of the Indirect Discrimination and Burden of Proof Regulations

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A year of European intervention, tribunal legislation, job loss consultation, sex and race discrimination and outsourcing consternation

18 Dec 2001

Equal pay for both sexes, greater consultation over redundancies, tribunal reforms and outsourcing HR were among the major issues the profession faced in 2001. Then there were the unforeseen events, such as the Foot and Mouth crisis and fall-out of September 11É

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India to introduce sexual harassment laws

1 Nov 2001

Sexual harassment of women in the workplace is to be outlawed in India. A
bill is being introduced which will...

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Complaints procedures needed to stamp out sexual harassment

29 Aug 2001

Ninety per cent of people who claimed successfully for sexual
harassment at employment tribunal had resigned or lost their jobs...

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