Domesitic abuse

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Creating safe spaces in the workplace for victims of domestic violence

7 Nov 2013

By signing the Government’s new pledge to help those affected, OH has the power to help fight domestic violence in...

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How to deal with the effects of domestic violence in the workplace

8 Jul 2013

While often seen as a “women’s issue”, domestic violence has a huge impact on businesses and their staff. Sarah Silcox...

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Legal experts warn against taking disciplinary action at work over domestic violence

6 Dec 2006

KPMG and the NHS have been warned to tread carefully after they announced plans to sack staff over violent personal...

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US employers stand up to domestic abuse at work

23 Aug 2005

In an increasingly violent society, domestic abuse is not just occurring in the home. Joel Ceausu reports on why staff protection is becoming a high priority for corporate America

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CPS launches domestic violence support scheme

15 Dec 2003

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has launched a new scheme to help staff who are
experiencing domestic violence.

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TUC launches workplace guide on domestic violence

25 Nov 2002

TUC has published a new guide to help unions and employers develop ways of
assisting the victims of domestic...

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