Homeworking is one of the most common forms of flexible working that employers offer. Homeworking means a worker agreeing to perform some or all work for the employer in his or her home.

A homeworking policy can provide benefits for an employer, for example allowing a valuable employee more flexibility, increasing the chances of retention. Challenges for homeworkers include ensuring they have the discipline to work alone and remotely, employee communication, and health and safety issues.

Is it really the end of the office?

Employees’ desire to continue working from home has prompted many firms to consider whether the office is truly necessary. But,...

RBS Group staff to work from home until 2021

21 Jul 2020

Some 49,000 staff at RBS Group have been told to continue working from home until at least 2021.
The banking...

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PM: ‘Bring staff back to the office if it’s safe’

17 Jul 2020

Boris Johnson has urged employers to bring staff back to the office from 1 August if it is safe to...

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Working from home will be double pre-pandemic levels

16 Jul 2020

Employers expect that the proportion of people working from home on a regular basis once the coronavirus crisis is over...

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Ministers offer conflicting return-to-work messages

14 Jul 2020

Advice around whether people should return to offices remains conflicted, with Boris Johnson urging people to think about returning to...

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11 ways to encourage remote team building

10 Jul 2020

With many firms considering saying goodbye to the office completely, companies will need to consider alternative ways to encourage collaboration...

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Rats and mice add to ‘return-to-the-office’ challenges

9 Jul 2020

Empty offices with snacks still left on desks and in drawers a magnet for rodents.

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Half of UK employees worked from home in April

8 Jul 2020

Almost half (46.4%) of employees did some of their work from home during April, with the vast majority stating this...

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Two thirds of furloughed workers to return by September

2 Jul 2020

Two out of three people currently furloughed through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme could be back at work by the...

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Pandemic risk poses major questions of commercial property market

25 Jun 2020

Demand for office space in skyscrapers plummets as crowded lifts consigned to the past.

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Please don’t Zoom me just because you’re bored

17 Jun 2020

We’ve all encountered them: the lengthy video meeting that appeared to have no purpose, or could have been condensed into...

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WFH: Six pillars of effective homeworking

12 Jun 2020

During the current pandemic crisis, business leaders handling the avalanche of government legislation have had another issue on their minds...

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Flexible working ‘nudge’ result in 30% uplift in job applications

29 May 2020

Recruiters that were prompted to consider flexible working when posting a job were 20% more likely to list flexible work...

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Lower earners more likely to work through lockdown

27 May 2020

People on lower incomes are more likely to be classified as key workers and continue to go to work during...

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One fifth plan redundancies this summer despite furlough scheme

18 May 2020

Coronavirus uncertainty has caused a significant downturn in hiring intentions, an increase in planned redundancies and the likelihood of paltry...

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