Homeworking is one of the most common forms of flexible working that employers offer. Homeworking means a worker agreeing to perform some or all work for the employer in his or her home.

A homeworking policy can provide benefits for an employer, for example allowing a valuable employee more flexibility, increasing the chances of retention. Challenges for homeworkers include ensuring they have the discipline to work alone and remotely, employee communication, and health and safety issues.

Staff put in seven unpaid hours a week during pandemic

26 Feb 2021

The average employee worked 7.7 hours of unpaid overtime each week in 2020 and lost out on £7,000 in wages.

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Learning to work beyond Covid may bring multiple OH challenges

25 Feb 2021

As the UK economy and society cautiously unlocks between now and the summer, managing ‘return to work’ will need to...

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‘Don’t confuse flexible working with remote working’

16 Feb 2021

The rewards of establishing a functioning hybrid model of working are many, says EY, but businesses should be under no illusion about the challenges they face.

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Staff don’t expect to return to office before June

11 Feb 2021

Office workers across Europe do not expect to return to the workplace until at least the summer, according to a survey.

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Lockdown sees employees working harder than normal

11 Feb 2021

More than half of UK employees say they they have been expected to work outside of regular working hours during lockdown; employees in EU may soon benefit from 'right to disconnect' rules.

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Employees want increased flexibility after the pandemic

8 Feb 2021

Next year, high value employees will judge how well their firms supported them during the pandemic before deciding next career steps.

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KMPG partner pay cut by 11% as it sets out hybrid working plan

3 Feb 2021

KPMG has cut the pay of its UK partners by 11% and is rethinking its office estate as it focuses...

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Flexible working unavailable for nearly half of staff

1 Feb 2021

A renewed campaign to make the right to request flexible working available from an employee’s first day at work has...

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Remote working: top tips for wellbeing and connection (webinar)

27 Jan 2021

ON DEMAND | The pandemic has been tough on your employees. Not only have they endured multiple lockdowns that have cut off...

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Five ways to prevent staff burnout during lockdown

22 Jan 2021

Leaders can learn a lot about helping employees in times of stress by looking at how individuals approach problems. Using...

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Ensure workers have right to privacy when work is monitored, says Labour

20 Jan 2021

The Labour Party has called on the government to urgently update guidance on the use of surveillance at work after...

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Remote working job adverts trebled in a year

18 Jan 2021

The number of jobs advertised as a home working role more than trebled in 12 months, with indications that businesses...

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Shift to home working could cost 400,000 high street jobs

14 Jan 2021

Analysis of the impact of Covid found Hemel Hempstead and Bracknell were likely to see the most office jobs shift permanently to remote working.

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Why building resilience should be a priority in 2021

12 Jan 2021

Facing a landscape of coronavirus restrictions until spring at the earliest means building resilience among employees should be top of the agenda for business leaders.

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Chancellor says permanent working from home not inevitable

11 Jan 2021

Working from home will not be the ‘new normal’ in a post-Covid world, chancellor Rishi Sunak has said.

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