We’re living in capsules now, but let’s take the positives

We can compare our current experience to those of scientists stationed in the polar regions - yes, really.

Working from home: How HR can deal with the daily dilemmas

24 Mar 2020

With so many people having to reinvent the way they work because of the coronavirus outbreak, Jo Faragher examines how HR professionals may overcome the many difficulties they are bound to face.

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London employers face lockdown on travel

19 Mar 2020

Employers in London are bracing for a likely lockdown on travel and movement as authorities attempt to stop the spread...

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Coronavirus: What employers need to know (webinar)

19 Mar 2020

ON-DEMAND | As the true impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic becomes apparent, employers are facing...

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Remote workers ‘should spend at least two days in office’

11 Nov 2019

A study finds that while remote working is linked to positive wellbeing, it has little effect on stress and productivity.

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Balancing work and life: Why flexibility is a two-way street

7 Sep 2017

Even fast-growing companies need to keep an eye on retaining talented employees as their work and home responsibilities change. This...

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Millennials: Is your employee experience relevant enough?

14 Jun 2017

There are hordes of clichés around millennial workers, but which attributes should your organisation keep front of mind when hiring ...

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Flexible working: seven ways for HR to make the business case

15 May 2014

The Children and Families Act will extend the right to request flexible working to all employees and introduce a right...

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Managing the risks to lone workers

1 Mar 2013

Lone workers can face risks those in an office environment may not even think about. Walter Brennan explains how to...

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Communication: the ‘fifth mode of transport’

19 May 2011

With high stress levels and long working hours, is it still sensible for people to spend hours commuting to the...

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Swine flu: guidance and advice for employers and HR

5 Jan 2011

Another outbreak of Swine flu has hit the UK, and is expected to hit employees and employers severely.  With significant rise in the...

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Snow: A guide for employers on pay, leave, safety and employee rights during severe weather

1 Dec 2010

Snow, ice and extreme temperatures continue to plunge the UK into chaos, meaning that HR and employers have more people-related...

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Service is Paramount for restaurant chain HR chief

6 Feb 2009

Snowed-in HR director Lesley Cotton got up at 6am last Monday to ensure her business ran smoothly through the Arctic...

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Rates, limits and levels of statutory pay, benefits and rights

28 Aug 2008

How long does someone have to work for you before they qualify for statutory maternity pay? What is the national...

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One million UK employees admit to losing confidential data

21 Nov 2007

HMRC is not alone in failing to protect confidential information. According to a new survey from Navigant Consulting, conducted by YouGov, more...

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