CEB (Gartner)

CEB, now part of the Gartner group of companies, provides insights and services to leaders at more than 10,000 organisations globally. 


The Pavillion, 1 Atwell Place,
Thames Ditton
Surrey, KT7 0NE

Clients include

NFU Mutual
Bibby Financial Services

As well as data insights, CEB offers talent management analytics technology through TalentNeuron and the CEB Talent Management Cloud. CEB Precise Fit enables businesses to select quality candidates to their precise requirements.


  • CEB Precise Fit (to select the right candidate)
  • CEB TalentNeuron (leverages external labour market data to support organisations’ talent plans
  • CEB Talent Management Cloud (data analytics to help clients plan, assess, engage and recruit talent, as well as manage and develop that talent once they’re in the workforce).

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