Cornerstone OnDemand

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Cornerstone OnDemand has grown from a tiny online learning company in 1999, to become one of the largest talent management software providers.

Cornerstone OnDemand

4 Coleman Street

020 3700 2900

Clients include:

Leeds City Council
Virgin Media
Western Union

Its solutions are used by 30 million people in 191 countries, delivered in 42 different languages.

Cornerstone OnDemand helps businesses find and attract the right people and then makes sure they are onboarded efficiently and effectively.

It was one of a new wave of software-as-a-service providers to enter the HR technology market, and has maintained its focus on learning.

“Learning makes onboarding more impactful. Training makes performance management actionable. Development drives people to the right roles in the organisation,” it says on its website.

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