hiQ Labs

hiQ Labs headquarters

33 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco
CA 94105



Clients include:

Capital One

Founded in 2012, hiQ offers a cloud-based people analytics platform to help organisations make data-driven decisions around talent.

hiQ claims it’s easy for anyone to use its advanced data and analytics to more effectively engage and retain their best people.

Available on a subscription basis, hiQ pinpoints who is at risk and where to invest across a workforce.

Companies have the option to manage their workforce via hiQ’s cloud platform or with their current system.

Keeper, its analytics solution for retention, is an HCM tool offering predictive attrition insights on an organisation’s employees, which it turns into actionable people data.

Skill Mapper is a solution for building workforce and succession plans. It uses public data to fill your internal systems’ ‘data potholes’ so users can explore the full scope of their organisations’ skills and drive employee engagement.

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