SCC/Pyramid HR

Established in 1996, Pyramid HR specialises in software solutions for HR and payroll management in the UK.

Pyramid HR Ltd

Cole Valley 2
10 Westwood Avenue
Cole Valley Business Park
Birmingham B11 3RF

01926 485085

SCS, the HR, payroll and data services division of SCC, acquired Pyramid in summer 2016. 

SCC is Europe’s largest independent technology services business, running IT infrastructure and services for over 2,500 public and private sector customers in more than 50 countries.

Pyramid HR’s features include an in-built report writer and integrated document management, with documents available to employees via self-service.

Product modules:

Main application:
•    Payroll (holds HMRC PAYE & RTI Recognition)
•    Human resources
•    Time & attendance
•    Expenses
•    Vehicle management

•    Self-service
•    e-rostering
•    e-recruitment

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