Simitive offers integrated online tools that aim to improve employee engagement and effectiveness.


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Bristol BS1 5DB

0117 911 7950

Clients include:

Bristol City Council

It specialises in performance management, online appraisal and review, succession planning and talent management.

Product solutions:

  • Goal setting and alignment
  • Compliance, induction and development
  • Review and engagement
  • Workload management

Simitive Local Government is specifically designed to provide a platform for engagement and performance improvement in public sector organisations.

Simitive Goals provides interactive, real-time management and monitoring of organisation, team and individual goals.

Simitive Review aims to deliver solutions to appraisal challenges by improving completion rates and the quality of conversations.

Simitive Learning is a real-time learning management platform that aims to engage individuals directly in identifying, agreeing and completing learning and development activities.

Simitive Workload Allocation Management System is a planning and reporting tool.

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