Founded in 2003, Tigerspike is a global digital products company. Its survey and intelligence tools are designed to deliver actionable insights.

Tigerspike UK

Level 4, Kings Court
2-16 Goodge St
London W1T 2QA

020 7148 6600


Clients include:

Nuffield Health
Westpac Group
Thomson Reuters
United Nations WFP

Tigerspike uses technology and strategic consulting to help achieve company goals such as improving employee engagement and onboarding.

Its intelligence suite includes a real-time tool that captures data/insight and helps businesses shape a future roadmap.

Products include a tool for HR and management to monitor and review new employee progress and an app for employees to on-board into their new working environment.

Tigerspike’s intelligence dashboard aggregates data from multiple sources (such as Salesforce, SAP, Google Analytics) to help make efficient business decisions.

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