Education technology start-up Wrainbo offers customised mobile learning game solutions and off-the-shelf gaming titles focused on business acumen, leadership and sales training.

Wrainbo headquarters

Los Angeles



Founded in 2015, Wrainbo’s customisable mobile game platform for learning and assessment turns gameplay and learning data into performance management insights.

Through its web-based analytics and personalised reports, organisations and individuals can track training progress and receive personalised coaching. Data-driven assessment is designed to enhance learning outcomes and drive ROI.

By combining gaming, entertainment and learning, Wrainbo aims to make corporate training fun with the benefit that individuals can play and learn anywhere at any time.


  • Business Venture is a comic-themed game designed to help players hone core business concepts of marketing, operations, and finance by producing and trading clothing products.
  • Business Battle is the fantasy variant of Business Venture. Players face customers from orcs to goblins and cast various management spells.
  • 21st Century Mentor teaches players different leadership skills.

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