A buyers’ guide to e-learning


Welcome to the Personnel Today buyers’ guide to e-learning, providing the latest top tips, case studies and expert guidance.

E-learning is now used by over 60% of UK employers, but implementation can be complex undertaking, especially if it is to be organisation-wide.

Our buyers’ guide takes you through the process…


E-learning overview
What should an organisation consider before designing or buying an e-learning package?

Reasons to implement e-learning
Ten advantages that an e-learning programme can deliver.

Supplier selection
We look at how to choose a supplier and what to specify in your service level agreement.

Training content
You can have a great e-learning system, but if the content isn’t relevant and compelling, the whole thing will be a waste of resources.

Mobile training
Mobile learning takes e-learning one step further, by allowing people to learn while they are out of the office and away from desktop computers.

D2 – The Working Manager’s advanced learning environment
D2, The Working Manager’s advanced learning environment, is a multilayered, fully customisable, innovative online academy, offering businesses and organisations the chance to establish both a formal and informal learning and communications environment.

E-learning is best when delivered as part of a personal learning environment
Learn about how the e-learning world is changing and how it is changing rapidly.

Case study: Online training creation for professional bodies
Methods for creating an engaging experience through certification without breaking the bank.

A new perspective on e-learning: online learning that works
E-learning needs a new perspective. “Learning pathways” provide a simple way to move conventional training courses online.

This buyers’ guide is brought to you in association with leading providers of e-learning content and systems…


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