A new look for the leading occupational health publication

This month’s issue of Occupational Health is another step forward for the leading title in the OH field, with a bright new look and feel designed to inspire readers to rise to the opportunities of the new workplace health agenda

The thinking behind the changes
Occupational Health has been given a facelift to boost its reputation as the most practical and useful OH journal available today. The aims are:

To make it quicker to find the information you need through a clear division into three sections: news and comment, features, and a new section on your career and professional development, which brings our popular Continuing Professional Development section together with other content related to furthering your career in workplace health.

To bring the title in line with the Personnel Today group of occupational health, human resources and regulatory publications, conferences and online services.

To update the look and feel of Occupational Health with a bright, modern look, reflecting the increasing confidence and influence of the profession as OH rises up the public policy agenda.

Above all, we want your involvement in Occupational Health, and would like as many of you as possible to use the title to get your point of view across and air your concerns. Watch out for a regular opinion and letters page, starting in the next issue. In particular, we hope that those OH nurse advisers who work in isolation from their peers will use the publication to keep in touch with their fellow professionals.
Putting your career and development first

The purpose of Occupational Health is to help all those in workplace health to stay up to date and make the most of their careers. With that in mind, our new careers and professional development section recognises that career progression is not only about education, but also about developing a range of managerial and interpersonal skills. We will also be providing more focus on where the workplace health jobs are likely to be in the future, and help you to review your career options and understand the skills and competencies you will need to get ahead. And we will bring you inspiring examples of what other OH professionals are achieving, so you can compare notes.

The wider OH and HR family
Bringing Occupational Health in line with the other titles in the Personnel Today Group reflects the fact that professionals in the broad people management field increasingly need to work in partnership. And being part of the leading group of HR-related publications means that it will have the benefit of higher investment and the resources of the larger Personnel Today team. This will allow us to develop new ways to meet your OH information needs in future.

If you have any views on the changes to Occupational Health, please get in touch. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new-look journal. E-mail [email protected]

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