Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO

Its corporate identity was designed in 1988 by Mike Dempsey of CDT Design, himself a leading figure in the world of corporate communication. Dempsey is something of a traditionalist as far as typography is concerned, and his handling of the combined names of the three founders, David Abbott, Peter Mead and Adrian Vickers, reflects this. It’s elegant and deftly handled, its sobriety reminding us that there is a serious side to the business of advertising.

The twist in the tail is the small, three-colour symbol that appears in tandem with the names or occasionally on its own. A series of interlinked equilateral triangles, through use of colour, it cleverly suggests an A an M and a V.

“It’s a clever mark once you’ve worked it out,” says Michael Johnson, creative director of design company Johnson Banks. “I think it reflects the character of AMV’s founder David Abbott [who retired two years ago], but I’m not sure that it matches with the agency as it is today.”

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