Comment on 15 ways to make sure I will NOT hire you by Phil

Salary is touchy spot for many people and in fact there are many areas where I operate that have made it illegal to ask current salary. I get it is nice to know because in many ways it can validate value, but it really is not required in salary negotiation. What is required is a good understanding of the positions needs, and the candidates ability to meet/exceed those needs. If there is company car or stock or any other perk, that comes down to total comp package and value added by this specific candidate not their soon to be previous salary. I have a client that asks for current salary from me in the offer stage on most placements. I let them know that the person lives in an area that has made asking illegal, then I ask the client how they feel about the candidate and the candidates ability to perform to their standards. It is very similar to helping a candidate that gets cold feet at the offer stage work through their fears or concerns about giving notice. Once my client has talked it through most times they see that they don’t need it to make a sound hiring decision.

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