Comment on A recession is coming. And you will not survive. by John

Yes Greg, as one of the 40% who survived 91 (I took 153 phone calls one Wednesday after a tiny 3 line ad in “The Age” and 146 calls on the Thursday)I hope that your comments on a recession are wrong. I also went thru the GFC, attended one of your seminars and my sales were the opposite of what you were discussing. I could not understand why my sales were going thru a ‘purple patch’ when you were stating how bad it might get. My annual sales in the GFC have only been better once but I do know others did suffer, however, I do think it is a mind set. 1991/92 were the toughest years I have ever experienced. I know you are right, there will be a recession but I hope you are wrong with the severity of it! Surely Greg it cannot be as bad as 91/92?

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