Comment on Agency recruitment is not dying. It’s growing! by Tanya Guerin – Randstad

Agreed! There seems to be a feeling of almost embarrassment being identified as a recruiter when in reality we are ones who go out of our way to understand,source and fill the need of a company, working long hours to ensure your client and job seekers requests are being fulfilled. Our industry would not be in existence if there was not a need for what we do.

I attended a presentation on the use of LinkedIn recently, the presenter is the MD of a digital marketing firm based in Christchurch, during this very boring and unimaginative presentation, parts of which were incorrect! he asked were there any recruiters in the audience, out of curiosity I didn’t reveal myself, what he said next utterly shocked me, he said that all recruiters were “dicks”! Said it a few times actually. I paid to attend this presentation and to blanket an entire industry to a room of 200 professionals disgusted me and the people I was sat with at this presentation. A complaint was quickly lodged and he will no longer be presenting for this organisation again.

Great article Greg, I look forward to the next read.

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