Comment on Another loudmouth ‘recruiter-hater’ falls from grace by Greg Savage

Yes, I saw that Matthew
I dont know the full detail, but note the business was sold for an “undisclosed sum”. Programmed is a listed compnay. Transactions like this are public if they are over a certain amount. The Programmed annual results statement say that the “purchase” did “not involve any cash” They also wrote down their initial investment by 2.1 M. That means it has declined substantially in value. One Shift have vacated their offices according to Shortlist. This story seems to base her “millionaire ” status on the valuation made initially, when Programmed paid a giddy $5M for quarter of the biz, which clearly no longer applies I dont know the full inside story but it looks very much like it failed, the business was taken over by Programmed, so as to minimize losses, George was moved into a minor role. That last sentence is speculation.. but looks likely Cheers Greg

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