Comment on Another loudmouth ‘recruiter-hater’ falls from grace by Luke

Having just checked out the OneShift website, there seems to be a huge flaw in their business model – they let anyone post job ads. The idea is that the site connects the candidate directly with the client, cutting out the costly middleman – the recruiter, however when I performed a simple search for “Digital Marketing” jobs in Melbourne, it returned 21 results for retail and bar staff – all posted by a recruitment company! If anything, they have provided a cost effective platform for recruitment agencies to post job ads and have software match candidates based on their profile. For $1000 you can post 50 job ads for $20 an ad, which greatly undercuts posting an ad on seek. This loophole has provided the recruitment industry with another platform to source candidates, not cut the recruitment costs for clients. Kinda bitter-sweet for us recruiters really.

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