Comment on Are hairdressers really *that* bad at paying the NMW? by Simon Jones

In many ways it’s not surprising that it is tiny businesses – like hairdressers – that get caught by the NMW. They are very unlike to use any sort of professional adviser (except perhaps an accountant to do their end of year tax return) and I would guess that in the majority of cases underpayments are due to ignorance of the rules or a failure to keep up to date (perhaps continuing to apply an “old” NMW rate). Whereas it is a shock when a big company like Monsoon fall foul of the rules when they have access to HR departments, employment lawyers etc. So I would expect that the majority of “named and shamed” companies to be the small fry you highlight. But I also agree that it is odd that no social care organisations have been caught – certainly the smaller ones (those running a single home or a very small localised agency etc) are similar in that respect to the other small businesses that do get caught.

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