Comment on Artificial Intelligence and Recruitment. The 250 words you need to read by Darren Connolly

Here’s my 230 Greg, borrowing in part from yours: Every single Recruiter who uses LinkedIn are already benefiting from Artificial Intelligence every time they use the platform. Our staffing partners benefit from AI every time they run a candidate search, post a job or post targeted content for their talent pools or customer base. This drives what we call talent intelligence which is the use of data and insights to drive competitive advantage. In a nutshell you can define Artificial Intelligence as inferences made using data standardisation and machine learning. The great new Greg, is that you are 100% right when you say: “Artificial Intelligence frees you up to do much better that which only YOU can do…And that means influencing, persuading, advising, consulting, negotiating, collaborating, acting as an agent for the best talent, and building reputation and brand.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement! In my opinion, AI will ultimately make Recruitment more interesting and easier for Recruiters by removing the most mundane and repeatable tasks; will help recruiters leverage machine learned knowledge to drive competitive advantage; and ultimately will improve the overall candidate experience. The nuanced needs of a candidate or client will never be replaced by a machine and the future leaders of recruitment will embrace this technology (or in many cases, already have), and will use it to elevate their ability to become trusted advisors for their candidates and strategic partners for their clients.

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