Comment on Being a recruiter rocks! by Rachel Fucich

Hi Greg,
Being that my only experience in recruitment extends to sorority recruitment and several in-class sales projects, I understand that a profession in recruitment could be extremely challenging and discouraging. I have a strong passion for sales that I have obtained through several internships and sales classes, and I find that your reasons for recruiting to be an incredible form of sales to be inspiring, in both the aspects of personal fulfillment and control of the staffing cycle.
“Happy client, happy candidate, happy you”, is a statement that I find most influential in your persuasion about the importance of professional recruitment. The staffing industry plays a pivotal role in all aspects of the workforce, and in return, can be the most effective in terms of the satisfaction of all parties involved in the hiring process.
In the sales classes I have taken, we have studied a method called “persuade by priority”, which I find to be applicable in all aspects of sales, especially in recruitment. The meaning behind this method is to recognize the goals of the person you’re selling to as well as the person you are selling for, be empathetic towards all needs, and create a game plan to achieve the ultimate goal of satisfaction. I feel as if this method of selling is most fulfilling in recruiting, as the client, candidate, and the recruiter’s personal needs are met. In addition, creating a game plan can be an effective strategy for controlling the cycle of recruitment through designing an affective, long-lasting personal connection with both clients and candidates, which could lead to future business and give the recruiter a competitive edge.
I find the aspect of measuring competition between staffing firms, colleagues, and your own progression to be very attractive. I am a very competitive person, and have learned to channel my competitive attitude into a goal setting, task-orientated, and eager to learn mind set to ultimately obtain success, which are very important characteristics of any sales person, especially recruiters.
Ultimately, this article is an excellent persuasion piece that highlights the benefits of an industry that is often regarded with a negative outlook.
Excellent job of inspiring your audience to deepen and rekindle their passion for recruiting.

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